Me hurting


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Decided it would be a great idea to race cross sat. & Sun. Never mind the fact that I started to come down sick saturday morning. By sunday morning I was good and sick and planning on just watching the race and heading home. If you really don’t want to race you should leave your bike at home!

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Retrotec 1993-4 up at the ranch

Got the scanner to work again, so I thought I would do a little friday picture from the past. Enjoy!

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monkey cross- cleaning up…

monkey cross- cleaning up…

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First Monkey cross race of 2010 Lots of rain and mud!

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Retrotec & Inglis voler order

Howdy Everyone

The 2010 Design

Retrotec/Inglis Cycles is doing another Voler clothing order. Ken P. has come up with another great design! This year we are using Voler’s on line ordering process. You will have to sign in, don’t worry it is easy.  Using their system is opening up a lot more possibilities to get exactly what you want. Race cut or club cut? Sleeveless? Full zip or half zip? Thick chamois or thin? Pocket for your skinsuit? Or any combination of them. You can have it all. And pay with your credit card online. Armwarmers are not in the photo, but there will be custom ones done with logos to match. Tops are the same style as last year but you have way more options. We are doing two shorts options. The first option is the same style shorts we have done for years (peloton) You have many options to hot rod these up this year. The second option will be Volers new FS Pro shorts. The FS Pro shorts are11 panel anatomical design with complete flat seamed stitching. Made with Triton Nylon Spandex and Pesente Poly Spandex. Aero Grid mesh t-backed bib. Voler Silicon leg grippers. FANCY We had a hard time deciding on what style of shorts to offer and this is why we are offering both styles.

Voler’s online system can’t elegantly handle our FS Bib shorts, So there is a second link for ordering those. It’ll be a second credit card charge, but ultimately, not that big of a hassle. That said, here are the two links:

Full kit link:

FS Pro bib shorts link:

You’ll use the same account for both links. After logging in, you’ll be able start adding items to your cart. Go nuts. (Please note: CA sales tax and shipping is *included* in the prices that are shown on line.)

Order due date 10-18-2010

Order ship date 12-10-2010

All the clothing will come to me ready for distribution. I will get it out in time for Christmas.Hint, Hint, think Christmas or Festivus presents for you or a significant other…

If you are from out of town I have the shipping covered. Out of USA will need to work out slightly more shipping with me. Hopefully this e-mail finds you well and riding your bike. Feel free to share this with friends that might be interested in some new cycling clothing. Thank you for the support.  -Curtis

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David's new 650B Retrotec twin

David’s new 650B Retrotec twin

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Got a chance to build my friend David a 650B bike. I have built a few in the last couple years, but never really got to take a decent picture of one built up.

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Saw this truck over in SantaRosa. Luckily the guy did not see us taking the picture and beat us up.

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This bike is great for all sorts of stuff.

This bike is great for all sorts of stuff.

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Lawn mower was out of gas!

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