Team cars

Team cars

Originally uploaded by retrotec&ingliscycles

Lets see drove down to Watsonville for a weekend of cross racing. Raced my usual masters B’s on sat. Flatted around lap 4 borrowed a wheel but it was inflated something like 30lbs Gingerly did a lap on it and pulled out. Did not feel like flatting again and bringing back a dented wheel. Watched racing the rest of the day. Headed to a couple parties, then up to the Hunters. Some how the group at the Hunters talked me into racing master A’s so we could go eat and hang out longer. Great idea, but I missed the start so ended up racing the regular A’s. Flatted first lap, did a little running, borrowed another wheel, did a ginger lap. Got my wheel back with 80lbs in it. No more flats. Racing for an hour is a bit harder than 45 min. Got to watch all the leaders come by me and that was pretty fun. End of day Jeff told me to get some larger tires.

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