Portland show

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This is just a bit late, but we got the “Ninja” flu everyone is talking about right after we got back from NAHBS. The show in Portland was great. Mitzi and I drove Doug’s super Sprinter up with White, Sycip and our booth stuff. We had a smooth trip up and back, with good weather over the snow covered passes. We celebrated Mitzi’s birthday with Portland friends Ron and Matt that first night, Wednesday. Set-up on Thursday and breakdown on Sunday were pretty painless at the convention center. We were located in a four booth spot with our friends the Hunters, Sycips and Rebolledos and we were right next to most of the other CA builders and part manufacturers.
Day one was trade, media and select consumers. Not sure how people were chosen or not chosen to attend day one, but it was a good group. We were really happy to see that Biff made the trip over from England but missed seeing Chipps and Chris. Chipps was celebrating the big 40 in style instead of working. A big thank you to Sasha for hosting a party at his shop. Our group got there a bit late because it’s pretty hard to feed close to 20 people all at once, but the Delta Cafe was up for the challenge. We recommend the chicken fried steak, meat loaf or fried chicken and don’t forget the mashed potatoes or mac n cheese. Yum.
Day two was a complete mad house! The fire marshall stopped entry to the convention center at one point during the day because over 5,000 people were inside. We were beat by the end of the day but really happy with the quality of people. We also had to say goodbye to one of our bicycles that day too. Brent and his wife drove down from Canada to pickup his beautiful Retrotec touring bike with couplings. It had been the star of the booth, but now we could feature some of the other bikes on Sunday.
Day three was a little lighter on attendance, but again, great people stopping to talk and ask questions. We really never had any time to talk to our friends all weekend, except after the show. Awards were pretty interesting too… we won Best Track Bike of the show. What a surprise that was. I don’t make very many track bikes and the one we took is my personal bike. I really tried to make something special, but didn’t think it would be noticed by my peers. The trophy was 5 feet tall though, so we really had to find room for it in the Sprinter for the drive home. Bruce took home 2 five feet trophies, so he had to really find some extra room in the vehicle he and Sean took up north!
Portland is a great city. Bikes everywhere. The best coffee at Stumptown. Easy public transportation. We had a huge response to all of our bikes and sold a ton of t-shirts, hats and riding gear. Next year’s NAHBS show is moving to Indianapolis, IN at the end of February. If there isn’t a snow storm, we hope it will be a good location, but we honestly have our reservations. Does anyone know anything about Indianapolis? Drop us a line if you know anything about it’s cycling community. These are just some of the pictures from the weekend. If you want more pictures we have opened a flickr account.

Check it out. Many more pictures, more than you will want to look at.

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