Jeff's Trip report

I’ve grown to love going to SSWC cuz it’s a great excuse to travel. This year we got see Scotland’s beautiful landscape, run thru castles, eat a lot of bacon, sausage and other meet (no haggis though) and ride some really fun, wet and rocky trails.

Once in Aviemore we hung out with our Stockholm friends from last year:, and of course raced our bikes. Race day afforded us a nice 1 hour roll out to the ‘secret’ location for the race = best warm up Curtis and I have ever had. The course consisted of one fire road climb followed by wet, slippery and rocky single track through a tightly packed pine forest, followed by some fast descents back to the start/ finish. I did run every technical section w/ drop off’s (too scared of crashing) and loved having disk brakes. (I can’t believe I’ve been a V-brake guy for so long…what was I thinking?)

Anyway, I didn’t get any flat tires, stopped once at the beer stop (although I don’t drink), did all 5 laps despite being lapped by 4 US pros, and loved every minute of it.  Now we’ve got some planning to do for next year since SSWC is coming back to CA. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there.

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