Jeff Hantman's Death Ride Entry

Well – The Downieville Classic took place this weekend and I was not there. I decided that since I’ve forgotten how to descend on a mt. bike I’d skip it. Instead I represented the Retrotec Team at the Markleeville Death Ride: Being the elite cat 5 road racer that I am I figured I could handle the death ride – and I did, although I was kicking myself for not bringing my basket!

Here’s a quick recap of the ride:

Total time on the bike: 9:40

Total ride time: 8:15

Average speed: 15mph

Max speed: Too fast

Total Shot Bloks eaten: 18

V8s consumed: 4

Number of times a rider scolded me for passing on the right: 1

Total ‘Death Ride’ Jerseys spotted on the ride: 1,454,

(Bidding ends next week)

Number of Advil taken to get rid of raging headache (due to dehydration): 3

Number of times I thought to myself, ‘This is like pedaling into a blow dryer.’ 6

Total time at work the day I left spent swapping handlebars and re-cabling bike: 1.5 hours
It’s finally dawned on me why Curtis and I make such a great tandem team: He’s got the skills when it comes to descending, and I can crush just about any climb. Between the two of us we almost make one solid bike racer.


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