Andrew Brooks Dirt crit #1

Wednesday was the first of the Howarth Park Dirt Crit series, so the
entire retrotec team had to come out in full-force with flags flying.
Team Captain and Fearless Leader Curtis Inglis picked me up from work
with the 24″ humiliator and his swedish-flag bike already loaded and
we headed to santa rosa with the A/C keeping our pre-race legs nice
and cool. After a lovely pre-ride and a couple hot laps around the
course, we met up with east bay team member and generally fast guy
Jeff Hantman and sycip hammer Aron Bonar for some strategy and serious
pre-race BS’ing. “what tire pressure you runnin’?” “what tire
pressure YOU runnin’?”

The racing was super-fast as always and big dust clouds were blowing
up on the climb from all the horsepower being laid down. After the
usual first-lap madness things settled into a good rhythm and the 24″
was rocking! That bike was tailor-made for the Howarth Park course,
it was super-fast. I had a couple “humiliator” moments but it’s all
in good fun and I finished with a big smile on my face and only
minimal road rash, and provided the spectators with a textbook-perfect
lowside crash, right in front of everyone! no charge for that one,
guys! The people on the airplane were grossed out by my oozing elbow
but at least they didn’t have to see my hip!

Jeff and Aron get double bonus points for shuttling me to the oakland
airport immediately after the race and foregoing the traditional
post-race burritos to get me to my flight on time. Thanks a lot,
guys, I made my it after all. See you next week!

some blurry photos can be found at under the “dirt
crits” link on the right.

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