Jeff Hantman's ride summary

HPIM2468.JPG‘End up back at the car – not at the ER’
That became my motto for the day and perhaps it’ll be on a t-shirt some day.

Crusty Cup May 19 – There was a good turnout of friendly faces for the first
crusty in years and what better place to choose then Annadel in Santa Rosa.
I briefly saw the lead group (cuz they took a wrong turn) which included
Cameron, Bill and Andrew on the ‘Humiliator’. I knew Curtis was behind me,
and it’s usually my main goal to beat him but today I was just out for a
ride . After stopping to help Patrick with a mechanical, a stop to see if
Stevil had everything for his flat and a pee break Curtis finally caught
me. We spent the rest of the race going back and forth with 2 other riders.
The afternoon played out like this – I drop everyone on a climb, get to
the next intersection and have no idea which way to go. Eventually the 4 of
them catch me so I let them go ahead, then hit the next climb and repeat the
same sequence. At one point as I was charging up a hill Curtis yells from
behind “Sucker – you don’t know which way your going!”

Yeah Curtis beat me…..but I ended up back at the car, (not at the ER).

Looking forward to the next one.

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